Effective partnerships for accessing and developing technologies for farmers

  • Message from the Board Chair & Executive Director
  • Efforts intensified towards enhancing production and access to Striga control in maize seed in East Africa
  • Ghana conducts first trials for pod-borer resistant cowpea as Nigeria progresses into multi-location trials
  • Second confined field trial for Bacterial Wilt Resistance Banana established in Uganda
  • The first conventional drought-tolerant maize varieties commercialised in Kenya
  • First NEWEST rice field trials established in Uganda and Ghana
  • Aflasafe biocontrol commercialisation efforts intensified in Kenya and Senegal
  • Cassava project expands in Nigeria as Uganda gets on board
  • Hybrid Rice Project develops first set of hybrids for field testing in 2014
  • Growing interest in OFAB prompts launch of a new chapter in Zimbabwe
  • New project to address access to quality seed in Sub-Saharan Africa formed
  • Financial Report
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