Regeneration and transformation potential of elite Kenyan highland maize inbred lines

C. Taracha, F. Nangayo, G. Ombakho, J. Machuka
Tissue culture and regeneration of tropical maize has been achieved in only a limited number of genotypes, because majority of tropical maize germplasm is recalcitrant to in vitro response. Establishment of a highly efficient and widely used tissue culture system for maize will accelerate the application of transformation technology in breeding programs, and the study of the functions of maize specific genes. Three culture media were evaluated, it was established that two media could guarantee the production and proliferation of embryogenic calli with high regeneration capacity from immature zygotic embryos representing different maize germplasm. The results suggest that the evaluated tissue system could facilitate the introduction of foreign genes into regenerable Elite Kenyan Highland inbred maize

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