Annual publications

Annual publications

Ready to Roll Technologies: The Promise of Transforming Livelihoods – Annual Report 2015

  • Message from the Board Chair and Executive Director
  • Mixed fortunes for Striga Control in Maize Project as MLN and drought rear their ugly heads
  • Efficacy trials confirm resistance of transgenic cowpea to pod-borer pests
  • Great achievements in development and commercialisation of WEMA products
  • Trials of hope: Milestones achieved in NEWEST Rice Project as Nigeria commissions trial facility
  • Demand for mechanisation shoots up as cassava farmers bag bumper harvests
  • Promising yields from hybrid rice trials

Adding Value: Making a Difference – Annual Report 2014

  • Message from the Board Chair and Executive Director
  • New partnerships, first hybrid and new varieties re-energise the Project and boost commercialisation of StrigAway maize seed
  • Gearing to deliver pod-borer resistant cowpea to farmers
  • DroughtTEGO gains higher demand – even as MLN devastates the maize market
  • NEWEST Rice Project ushers in Phase II as Nigeria joins the Project
  • Higher yields and better prices for cassava farmers under CAMAP
  • First hybrid rice developed
  • OFAB opts for high-impact grassroots outreach

Effective partnerships for accessing and developing technologies for farmers

  • Message from the Board Chair & Executive Director
  • Efforts intensified towards enhancing production and access to Striga control in maize seed in East Africa
  • Ghana conducts first trials for pod-borer resistant cowpea as Nigeria progresses into multi-location trials
  • Second confined field trial for Bacterial Wilt Resistance Banana established in Uganda
  • The first conventional drought-tolerant maize varieties commercialised in Kenya
  • First NEWEST rice field trials established in Uganda and Ghana

Deploying agricultural technologies for farmers – Annual Report 2012

  • Imazapyr herbicide registered in Tanzania as country gears for commercialisation of maize varieties to fight the Striga weed
  • Successful Bt cowpea trials pave way for multi-locational testing in Nigeria as Ghana receives approval for first confined field trial
  • Banana cultivar lines with resistance to bacterial wilt disease developed in Uganda
  • WEMA prepares to deploy conventional hybrids and receives permits for Bt maize trials in Kenya and Uganda
  • Ghana and Uganda prepare to conduct rice trials as project generates transgenic lines for testing

Banana Project Progress Report 2012

  • Message from the Project Coordinator - Download 2012 Banana Project Progress Report
  • Project overview
  • Project Management
  • Product development progress
  • Confined field trial compliance
  • Communications and outreach
  • Capacity enhancement
  • Project Partners



Practical Solutions for Farmers – Annual Report 2011

  • Uganda prepares to deploy seed to control Striga infestation in maize
  • Burkina Faso undertakes confined field trials for Maruca-resistant cowpea
  • Development of Kenyan banana varieties with resistance to bacterial wilt begins as promising trial results are reported in Uganda
  • Conventional drought-tolerant maize varieties submitted for national performance trials
  • Uganda approves testing of rice in confined field trials
  • Aflatoxin control technology tested in Kenya
  • OFAB fifth chapter launched in Ghana
  • Financial Report

La lutte contre le Striga dans les champs de maïs des agriculteurs - la production de semences et de déploiement amélioré Deuxième CFT planté avec succès en première instance Nigeria terrain clos planté dans les essais Ouganda champ en conditions con

La lutte contre le Striga dans les champs de maïs des agriculteurs - la production de semences et de déploiement amélioré Deuxième CFT planté avec succès en première instance Nigeria terrain clos planté dans les essais Ouganda champ en conditions confinées approuvés au Kenya, en Ouganda et en Afrique du Sud se prépare pour les essais Projet champ en conditions confinées pour le riz transgénique en 2012 l'efficacité de AflaSafe Confirmé ™ réglementation efficace de la biotechnologie en Afrique sub-saharienne gestion responsable de la propriété intellectuelle dans l'agriculture Bâtir la confi


COMMITTED TO FARMERS: Field Testing Agricultural Innovations - Annual Report 2010

  • Fighting Striga in Farmers’ Maize Fields – Seed Production and Deployment Enhanced
  • Second CFT Planted Successfully in Nigeria
  • Confined Field Trial Planted in Uganda
  • Confined Field Trials Approved in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa
  • Project Prepares for Confined Field Trials for Transgenic Rice in 2012
  • Efficacy of AflaSafe™ Confirmed
  • Effective Regulation of Biotechnology in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Responsible Management of Intellectual Property in Agriculture
  • Building Trust in Public-Private Partnerships
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