General publicatoins

General publicatoins

Constraints and Opportunities of Maize Production in Western Kenya: A Baseline Assessment of Striga extent, Severity, and Control Technologies

This report presents results of a baseline study on the constraints and opportunities of maize production in the Western Region of Kenya. The aim of the study was to provide baseline information that would set the basis for measuring progress and impact of the project on the livelihoods of the target population.


Nitrogen-Use Efficiency Water-Use Efficiency and Salt-Tolerant Rice (NEWEST) Mid-year Progress Report January–June 2014

Activities to scale up the Nitrogen-Use Efficient (NUE), Water-Use Efficient (WUE and Salt Tolerant (ST) Rice project to Nigeria kicked off early this year with the signing of a collaboration agreement between the African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) and the Nigeria’s National Cereal Research Institute (NCRI). Nigeria becomes the third project country after Ghana and Uganda. During the period, partners in Nigeria identified a confined field trial (CFT) site at NCRI in Badeggi.


Maruca-Resistant-Cowpea Progress Report 2012

The Maruca resistant cowpea project made significant progress during 2012 towards its goal of developing Maruca resistant cowpeas for use by our smallholder farmers. For the second year running, the confined field trials in Nigeria and Burkina Faso were successful with strong indication that the project may have identified promising varieties that are resistant to the Maruca pod borer.


Regulatory Frameworks for Microbial Biopesticides in Sub-Saharan Africa

This document presents a distillation of best practice in a form appropriate to the registration of this type of pesticide in sub-Saharan Africa. It was reviewed and approved by the Technical Working Group and also peer reviewed independently. However, the author recognises that the regulatory processes recommended herein and the data requirements and other technical aspects of biopesticide registration needed to be ‘road tested’. This should be done in real or simulated registration activities using worked examples or relevant case studies.


Étude de faisabilité sur le contrôle de Striga dans le sorgho

Le sorgho reste une culture vivrière importante de la sécurité en Afrique sub-saharienne (ASS) et en particulier dans les zones marginales où d'autres cultures ne font pas bien. La production de sorgho en Afrique subsaharienne est estimée à 26 millions de tonnes avec le Nigeria étant le producteur de sorgho leader en Afrique et le deuxième au monde après les USA. Le Mali deuxième en Afrique et le sixième dans le monde avec l'Ethiopie au troisième rang en Afrique et huitième dans le monde.


Feasibility Study on Striga Control in Sorghum

Sorghum remains an important food security crop in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and especially in the marginal areas where other crops do not do well. Sorghum production in SSA is estimated at 26 million MT with Nigeria being the leading sorghum producer in Africa and the second in the world after USA. Mali ranks second in Africa and sixth in the world with Ethiopia ranking third in Africa and eighth in the world. Sorghum is primarily a smallholder crop grown primarily for household food security. Commercialisation of the crop is rather limited and its value chain is under developed.


WEMA Rapport d'étape - Mars 2008 Mars 2011-

Dans le rapport:

  • Le projet Les principales activités de partenariat:
  • Mars 2008 - Mars 2011 résistant à la sécheresse gène de WEMA
  • WEMA élevage et une campagne de sensibilisation test du programme
  • Renforcement de la capacité de livrer droughttolerant maïs «
  • Voir, c'est croire» des voyages d'étude intervenants taux WEMA

WEMA Progress Report - March 2008–March 2011

In Report:

  • The project
  • The partnership
  • Key activities: March 2008 – March 2011
  • Drought-tolerant gene for WEMA
  • WEMA breeding and testing programme
  • Awareness campaign
  • Strengthening capacity to deliver droughttolerant maize
  • 'Seeing is believing' study tours
  • Stakeholders rate WEMA
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