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In Sub-Saharan Africa, the resource-poor smallholder farmer battles against weeds, diseases and adverse weather conditions leading to poor harvests. Their counterparts in Asia, Latin America and elsewhere in the developing world enjoy improved crop yields through the aid of modern agricultural technologies. Working with the resource-poor smallholder farmer in mind, the African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) is a not-for-profit foundation, managed and led by Africans to foster public-private partnerships for the access and delivery of appropriate technologies for improved agricultural productivity. AATF was incorporated in the United Kingdom in January 2003 and registered in Kenya, its host country, in April 2003. AATF is also registered as a charity under the laws of England and Wales. The Nairobi-based AATF's vision is prosperous farmers and a food secure Africa, enabled through AATF's catalytic role in bringing innovative technologies to smallholder farmers. The structure and operations of AATF draw upon the best practices and resources of both the public and private sectors. In line with its mission the AATF:

  • Links the needs of resource-poor farmers with potential technological solutions
  • Acquires technologies from technology owners through royalty-free licenses or agreements along with associated materials and knowhow for use on behalf of Africa's resource-poor farmers
  • Establishes partnerships with existing institutions to adapt agricultural technology for use by farmers in Africa
  • Ensures compliance with all laws associated with the use of these technologies
  • Promotes the wide distribution of the technologies as appropriate

By linking food security, poverty reduction, market development and economic growth, AATF aims to change the widespread conventional approaches employed by African producers engaged in agri-business to make these activities sustainable over time.

What makes AATF unique?

Apart from AATF's progressive and pragmatic approach at tackling food security and poverty reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa, AATF is unique in that:

  • The model for AATF was developed through consultation with African, North American and European stakeholders, giving the foundation a well-rounded perspective.
  • It provides a ‘one-stop-shop' for structuring and accessing agricultural technologies, materials and know-how.
  • It works along the complete product value chain, from product creation, through distribution, to creation of markets for the product. The AATF serves as a catalyst for reforms and the creation of agricultural markets.
  • The AATF, in its partnerships and sub-licensing functions, seeks to assist existing institutions to self-organise efficiently and to effectively absorb new technological concepts and adopt them for productive use. 

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