Business Plan

The purpose of the business plan is to present the structure, mission and objectives of the AATF intervention, the activities and sub-activities it performs, and sets out the AATF’s current project portfolio and the projects it is planning to implement over the next 5 years.

The business plan also sets out a series of operational principles that define how AATF seeks to maximise its impact; and provides details of the staffing, governance, proposed budget, milestones and impacts of the AATF intervention.

This document is the second AATF business plan - the purpose of the first AATF business plan (the ‘first plan’ or the ‘original plan’), prepared by the UK-based consulting company CEPA in 2003-2004, was to set out the vision, mission, objectives, activities and AATF’s the initial funding requirement at its inception.

AATF Business Plan 2014 - 2018

AATF Business Plan – March 2009 [525KB]

AATF Business Plan Annexes [296 KB]

Old AATF Business Plan – March 2003 [335 KB]

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