Mission and Strategy

Recognising its unique role and niche in fostering African agricultural development, AATF is motivated by its vision, mission, core values and guiding principles.

A prosperous and a food secure Africa.

To access, develop, adapt and deliver appropriate agricultural technologies for sustainable use by smallholder farmers in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) through innovative partnerships and effective stewardship along the entire value chain.

To improve the livelihoods of SSA farmers by accessing and delivering appropriate agricultural technologies

Core Values
As pioneers to brokering innovative agricultural technologies to farmers, and in particular to resource-poor smallholder farmers, in Sub-Saharan Africa, AATF staff uphold the following core values: integrity, dedication and accessibility (IDA)

Integrity: We uphold integrity, we keep our word and do what we say we will do by when/how. We adhere to moral principles in dealing with ourselves and partners. We seek to be honest, transparent and accountable. In recognition of our facilitative role, we provide accurate information to our partners while respecting confidences. We also base our actions on facts and present accurate reports of our progress, thus showing credibility and thriving to become the partner of choice for stakeholders in the agricultural sector.

Dedication: We are responsible partners, committed to ensuring our intended beneficiaries are well served. We seek to maintain good relations with our partners, investors, staff and other stakeholders to ensure we maximise their potential for delivering public goods. We undertake to seek required resources to ensure the success of accessing and delivering required technologies.

Accessibility: We are available and approachable to discuss and/or provide information that will support technology transfer in Sub-Saharan Africa. AATF has specialised expertise to address niche issues related to technology transfer such as technology stewardship, partnership management, regulatory compliance and intellectual property management. In recognition of the capabilities and contribution of the various entities involved in overall agricultural revival for SSA, AATF will avail its knowledge and provide necessary information in discussions and in requests for information to support best decisions and inform opinion on the issues at hand. We respect our stakeholders’ opinion and seek to learn from their experiences.

Guiding Principles

  • AATF responds to a growing sense of urgency demanding that agriculture plays a stronger role in Africa’s economic development. The response includes the recognition that new approaches to technology development and delivery are required.
  • AATF believes that if African agriculture is to provide secure livelihoods for farm households and contribute to economic growth then the private sector must play a much more important role in technology development for and delivery to smallholder farmers.
  • AATF is committed to re-invigorating public sector roles (including those of Regional Economic Communities, RECs) in African agriculture, ensuring that public institutions support both markets and policies for equitable development.
  • AATF focuses its attention on proprietary/innovative and appropriate agricultural technologies because much of it is currently unavailable to African farmers. Because such technologies encourage commercial activity, it can bring new energy to African agriculture, its strength lies in the incentives it provides for the delivery of a product.
  • AATF is committed to the adoption of new technologies and to facilitating the adoption process by intervening to mitigate risks and ensuring that the new technologies are deployed and used appropriately.
  • AATF is committed to fostering partnerships that are based on real incentives, including the desire of emerging African enterprises to grow and prosper; the interest of farmers in acquiring the most productive technologies to improve their food security and incomes, and the commitment of donors and governments to see that those farm households with insufficient resources are helped to build their assets and experience in order to prosper.

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