Project Monitoring Tool

The AATF Project Implementation Monitoring (APIM) Tool assists in the management of daily implementation of all projects as well as integrates key AATF working documents – Work Plan, Business Process Guide and the AATF Project Ladder. It is a simple tabular tool that enables the status of each project to be monitored. It thus assists AATF in documenting completed activities while showing pending work for action by staff/partners.
In addition, the tool leaves a paper trail for knowledge base, ensuring that all planned activities are retrievable and available for review and reference.

Components and application of the tool

The APIM tool comprises five components:

Steps; Objectives and Activities; Status; Way forward; and Deliverables.

As mentioned above, these components build on three key AATF working documents: the Work Plan, Business Process Guide and Project Ladder (life cycle).

The Steps indicate where each project is on the AATF Project Ladder and in the Business Process Guide.

The Objectives and activities mirror those in the Work Plan for ease of comparison and follow-up of activities.

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