Partnerships Issue 19: January-June 2017
  • QualiBasic Seed Company holds its inaugural Board Meeting in Nairobi
  • African states urged to adopt Bt maize to control armyworm
  • Mozambique begins confined field trial of GM maize
  • IIAM to develop legal framework on IP management
  • Good progress in developing NEWEST rice
  • Farmers in Malawi and Zimbabwe to benefit from improved crop varieties
  • New staff
Partnerships Issue 18: July-September 2016
  • Need to scale up climate smart technologies for agricultural transformation in Africa
  • Data portability: Often ignored yet critical to commercialization of biotech products
  • African governments urged to establish favorable Biotech regulatory regimes
  • Hack4Farming Nairobi 2016: Inspiring Technological Intelligence for Seed Companies
  • WEMA trains KALRO scientists on Intellectual Property
  • Edging closer to commercialising the first indigenous hybrid rice in Kenya
  • AATF calls for speedy licensing of NPTs for WEMA Bt Maize in Kenya
  • Demystifying biotechnology for journalists and extension officers
  • Malawi inches closer to adopting Guidance Document on registration of bio-pesticides
  • Impacting skills in cassava mechanisation and modern agricultural practices
  • OFAB Chapter Accountants trained on sound financial management
  • WEMA-Tanzania team trained on stewardship and CFT compliance
  • Good progress in adoption of GM crops in Africa amid challenges
  • New staff
Partnerships Issue 17: June 2016
  • Project develops first ever rice hybrids for farmers in Africa
  • An agricultural guru appointed AATF Board Chair
  • Celebrating 2015 achievements, gearing up for 2016 challenges
  • AATF Executive Director joins other African leaders in charting the way for the new Alliance for African Partnership at MSU
  • AfDB President meets AATF delegation
  • Zambian Government launches Cassava Mechanization and Agro-Processing Project to improve business and boost food security
  • WEMA records breeding progress in Mozambique and Zimbabwe
  • WEMA hailed for robust product pipeline, Bt maize approval
  • WEMA and seed companies on sales promotion campaign in Kenya
  • AATF and partners develop procedures for managing MLN disease
Strides in Striga management: October–December 2015
  • StrigAway maize technology: a huge business opportunity for seed companies in East Africa
  • I see hope in IR maize seed - Namumbia Khadija
  • Pictorial
Seeds2B Project Updates - Issue 2: July–December 2015
  • African farmers set to benefit from developments in India’s seed sector
  • Pan-African soybean variety evaluation trials initiated
  • Tunnel nursery established to support variety evaluation trials and smallholder fruit production
Seeds2B Project Updates - Issue 1: January–June 2015
  • The Seeds2B Project - Addressing Sub-Saharan Africa’s seed deficit
  • First tomato and potato Variety evaluation trials carried out
  • Seed business opportunities in Zimbabwe explored during the first Seeds2B Open Day
  • Seeds2B Project management enhanced
  • Brazil seed sector holds discussions with the Seeds2B Project
  • India-Africa  partnership advanced
  • Project partnership expanded in Zimbabwe
Partnerships Issue 16: July–September 2014
  • Dr Kyetere rallies support for African agriculture at World Agri-tech summit
  • Seed companies in Kenya and Tanzania receive seed treaters to boost Striga maize seed processing
  • WEMA releases new drought-tolerant maize varieties in South Africa
  • Seed companies in Kenya and Tanzania receive seed treaters to boost Striga maize seed processing
  • WEMA releases new drought-tolerant maize varieties in South Africa
  • Mechanisation helps boost cassava farm yields in Nigeria and Zambia
Partnerships Issue 15: April–June 2014
  • AATF and Nigeria’s Ministry of Agriculture sign MoU
  • AATF Board commends development of disease resistant maize varieties
  • Projects report significant progress at annual review and planning meetings
  • OFAB launches eighth chapter in Ethiopia
  • New staff
Strides in Striga management: January–June 2014
  • Striga Project receives boost from Feed the Future to upscale maize production in East Africa
  • Two Kenyan seed companies join the fight against Striga
  • Imazapyr herbicide for Striga control registered in Uganda
  • StrigAway IR maize seed production enhanced in Tanzania
Partnerships Issue 14: January–March 2014
  • Dr Kyetere hails the role of seed companies in enhancing food security in Africa at AFSTA congress
  • WEMA celebrates successes at annual meeting
  • Striga Project receives boost from Feed the Future to upscale maize production in East Africa
  • Hybrid Rice Project holds breeders training
  • Cassava Mechanisation and Agro-processing Project spreads to Uganda
Partnerships Issue 13: April–June 2013
  • First confined field trials for nitrogen-efficient, water-efficient, salt-tolerant rice planted in Uganda and Ghana
  • Dr Kyetere highlights the power of technology in boosting food productivity at 2013 Africa Business Round table
  • Dr Larry Beach joins the AATF Board
  • Advocacy takes center stage at OFAB 2013 review meeting
  • Journalists in Kenya engage project scientists on Striga control
  • Cassava mechanisation project holds first field events in Zambia
  • External review of the Pod-Borer Resistant Cowpea and NEWEST rice projects indicate they are on track
  • First WEMA Project Bt maize trials harvested in Kenya
Partnerships Issue 12: January–March 2013

Dr Denis Kyetere says partnerships facilitate smallholder technology access
AATF renews its collaborations with FARA and CORAF

Project updates

  • Maruca-resistant Cowpea project gets approval to conduct multi-location trials
  • WEMA wraps up phase 1 and ushers in phase


  • AATF staff develop institutional and project 2013 work plans
  • AATF hosts COMPRO-II project national meetings on biofertiliser regulatory frameworks
  • AATF and IITA meet to strengthen collaboration
  • AATF takes first prize at AFSTA exhibition
  • AATF recruits a Resource Mobilisation Officer



Partnerships Issue 11: September–December 2012

Dr Kyetere roots for partnerships to address agricultural development challenges at World Food Prize

Project updates

  • New hybrid rice varieties project formed
  • Policy gap identification workshop held by the COMPRO II project
  • Banana tissue culture training held
  • WEMA holds second regional stakeholder and seed companies meeting
  • Maruca-Resistant Cowpea project holds stakeholder sensitisation and media workshops


  • Rockefeller Foundation and PepsiCo make grants to AATF
  • Ghana approves confined field trials for cowpea and rice projects
Partnerships Issue 10: May–August 2012

Dr Kyetere urges support for biotech development in Africa at 2012 Bio Convention

The Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa receives USD 3 million as it marks its 5th anniversary>

Project updates

  • Cassava Mechanisation and Agro-processing Project set for take-off
  • Compliance management training for cowpea and rice projects held
  • Progress and planning meeting held for Bacterial Wilt Resistant Banana project
  • Striga control in maize project holds partners meeting and farmer field days
  • Meeting to harmonize bio pesticide regulatory frameworks held
  • End of phase I review for WEMA done


  • AATF and Kenya’s Ministry of Agriculture explore linkages
  • Bt cotton project team shares experiences

New Staff Members


Partnerships Issue 9: January–April 2012 (pdf 1,540k)

Denis Kyetere joins AATF as Executive Director

AATF enters into strategic partnerships

  • AATF and the African Union Commission sign MoU to raise agricultural productivity in Africa
  • AATF and AFSTA to work together to improve seed uptake
  • ICIPE and AATF in new partnership to boost Striga control efforts in Kenya
  • Japan Tobacco grants AATF access to transformation technology for NEWEST rice project

Projects progress

  • The Water Efficient Maize for Africa varieties to include insect-protection
  • The Maruca-Resistant Cowpea project identifies promising lines
  • The Striga Control in Maize Project to upscale demonstrations


  • AATF board visits rice and banana projects in Uganda
  • Aflatoxin control project receives approval for onfarm testing in Kenya

New members join the AATF Board

New staff members


Partnerships Issue 8: December 2010–January 2011 (pdf 712k)
  • WIPO grants AATF observer status and signs MoU for intellectual property collaboration
  • BXW-resistant bananas planted in CFTs
  • Capacity strengthening for WEMA
  • Media acknowledged as key catalyst in biotechnology communication
  • AATF and IITA discuss possible collaboration on cassava mechanisation
  • Prof Sithole-Niang is new AATF Board Chair

Partnerships– Issue 7, August–September 2010 (pdf 316k)
  • Legal, ethical and socio-economic considerations key to successful public-private partnerships
  • Uganda authorises confined field trials of transgenic maize and banana as Kenya gives nod to maize trials
  • WEMA undergoing mid-term review
  • Training of entomologists and technicians at IITA Ibadan
  • Maruca-Resistant Cowpea Project plants second CFT in Nigeria
  • Robert Paarlberg visits AATF
  • Danforth and AATF discuss possible collaboration on product development
  • BNE and AATF hold consultative meeting
  • New Staff

Strides in Striga management, July 2010 (pdf 122k)
  • Seed production upscaled in Kenya and Tanzania
  • New IR maize varieties set for release
  • Strategic IR maize technology demonstration
  • Reading materials on Striga control

Partnerships – Issue 5-6, February–July 2010 (pdf 567k)

  • WEMA Stakeholders Pledge Country Support
  • Herbicide Resistant Sorghum to Control Striga in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Sir Prof Gordon Conway Launches New Book on Science and Innovation in Nairobi
  • Rural transformation in emerging economies presents agricultural challenges
  • Taiwan and AATF Host Banana Tissue Culture Training for Great Lakes Region
  • Banana Bacterial Wilt Project holds Inaugural Advisory Committee Meeting
  • AATF Staff Hold In-house Discussions on Regulatory Issues
  • Meet New AATF Board Members
  • New Staff
Partnerships – Issue 4, October 2009–January 2010 (pdf 284k)
  • AATF Reclassifies its Priority Problem Areas
  • Towards Safer Maize - AflaSafe™ Offers Hope
  • Capacity Strengthening in Confidentiality and Communication for WEMA Partners
  • AATF Registered as Corporate Body in Nigeria
  • Trinidad and Tobago High Commissioner to Kenya Visits AATF
  • Nigeria Biosafety Bill Public Hearing Held
  • Bill Gates Visits AATF
  • WEMA Supports Media on Science Reporting
  • AATF Board Member Josephine Okot is Woman Entrepreneur of the Year - Uganda
  • Staff Appointments
Partnerships – Issue 3, July-September 2009 (pdf 601k)
  • Nigeria to carry out first confined field trials (CFT) for transgenic cowpea in Africa
  • Reduced cost of tissue culture banana can help control spread of Banana Bacterial
  • Wilt in Great Lakes region
  • WEMA holds workshop on permit application procedures for confined field trials
  • Training in confined field trials compliance for cowpea scientists
  • Nigeria to use IR maize to fight Striga in maize fields
  • Maruca-resistant cowpea project holds science communication workshop for project scientists
  • Tanzania launches OFAB chapter
  • Farmer Kennedy visits AATF offices
  • Staff appointment

Strides in Striga management, June 2009 (pdf 142k)

  • Kenya’s Striga Control Committee holds workshop
  • Controlling the spread of the ‘Striga’ witchweed in Uganda
  • Striga control project targets southern and west Africa
  • Reading materials on Striga control

Partnerships – Issue 2, April-June 2009 (pdf 427k)

  • Project to develop rice varieties for saline and nutrient-depleted soils
  • WEMA partners converge for annual review Project on course to deliver drought-tolerant maize for smallholder farmers
  • Identifying agricultural technologies in China
  • Top scientists discuss key challenges: Early stage risk assessment for the Bt cowpea
  • Kirkhouse Trust team visits AATF
  • OFAB Nigeria launched
Partnerships – Issue 1, January-March 2009 (pdf 290k)
  • Scientists to breed maize types suitable for areas with poor rains
  • AATF’s portfolio increases to five projects
  • Feature - StrigAway® maize helping farmers battle stubborn weed
  • Insect-resistant cowpea field trials underway
  • AATF gets grant to tap into China agritech
  • Daniel Mataruka appointed Executive Director
  • Interview with Chair of the AATF Board of Trustees
  • Staff appointments
Strides in Striga management, June 2008 (pdf 621k)
  • Promoting Striga control technologies in west Kenya
  • A new credit system
  • Raising awareness
Strides in Striga management,  March 2008 (pdf 675k)
  • Training stockists to increase StrigawAway® maize efficiency
  • More StrigAway maize demos in Uganda
Strides in Striga management, December 2007 (pdf 650k)
  • AATF approach to Striga management
  • IR-maize commercialised in Kenya
  • IR-maize in Tanzania and Uganda
  • IR-maize activities in Southern Africa

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